Oh, pacifier...

I have a love/hate relationship with you.

Hannah never once had a pacifier in her mouth. She never needed or wanted one and she never stuck her thumb or fingers in her mouth either. I was very lucky that I didn't have to worry about taking a pacifier away from her or breaking her of thumb sucking.

Quite honestly, I am not a fan of the pacifier. I'm not sure why but I just don't like them.

But Colson has shown signs of wanting/needing to suck on something to soothe himself. So in order to avoid him finiding his fingers and thumb which you cannot take away as easily as a pacifier, I decided to get him one. I don't believe in having a pacifier in your childs mouth all the time so I only resort to the pacifier as a last resort.  If I know he's not hungry, that he has a clean diaper and consoling him is not working, I will give him a pacifier. He gets so content when I put it in his mouth that I kind of feel bad for hating the pacifier so much. :o/

I have no idea what the best pacifier out there is. I also know that not every child will like the same pacifier. I had a cheepy pacifier that I had gotten at my baby shower for Hannah and he seemed to be okay with that one but it was pink and I could tell it wasn't the best. So, I went out and got these:

The <em>First Years</em> BPA-Free GumDrop Newborn <em>Pacifier</em> 2pk - Orange & Green

They're the First Years GumDrop Pacifiers. I have yet to give Colson one, so I have no idea if he'll like it. Hopefully he does.

I was also throwing around getting Colson a WubbaNub. I think they are too cute and I have heard really good things about them. Maybe the Easter bunny will leave him one in his Easter basket! :o)

So we'll see how this whole pacifier thing goes. Hopefully its just a temporary thing and its not something he gets really attached to.

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  1. We used those green ones the hospital gives you...I can't remember the name. I think they are first step? first start? I can't remember. Addi used hers only at nap/bed time. She gave hers up at 8 months and now just plays with them because her baby dolls have them.

    I know kids that are 2+ that still have that damn thing in their mouths...SO not right! It messes up there teeth and is much harder to take away.

    Good Luck!

  2. Let me know how they work. We didn't ask for any but I keep thinking we should of asked for one.....just incase. I don't want them either. I think I hate them because I see 2+ year olds with them.

  3. We use the Gumdrops at the hospital. They are great b/c they don't block the airway to the nose at all.

  4. Thanks Lindsay! I'm glad I at least picked out a good pacifier.
    Hopefully its just a short lived thing. I would like for him to not be using a pacifier too much longer than 6 months old. It really really bugs me too when I see 2+ years olds still with a pacifier in their mouth.

  5. I got Noah the Gumdrops but he won't take them. I think they are too heavy for his little mouth. I've bought Soothies, Avent and Nuk and he hates them all. I'm not a pacifier fan either but for my nipples sake, I really wish he would suck on one.

  6. Crew took a paci all the time. It was definetly hard to break him and to this day if he sees one, he wines that he wants it. Ugh! We used the NUK...I tried several before I could find one he liked. I do agree that they are not the best thing, but if it helps comfort them, especially at such a young age, I do not think it's such a bad thing.

  7. I don't think pacifiers are that bad! And they say they help avoid SIDS.
    The older Alessia gets, the less she wants the pacifier. She usually only has one during the night now, so I am confident that we'll get her used to living without a pacifier when it's time without any difficulties.

  8. both boys used the Gumdrops at the hospital, that is what St. Vincent gives them. They are great b/c they have preemie sized and regular sized. Bennett was the only one that took a pacifier and we took it away at 18 months. It wasn't too hard and if it keeps him happy right now, then go for it. I think you see kids with pacifiers at 2+ b/c the parents give in. If you want it gone at a certain age, then just take it away.


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