Hannah's Fort

When I was little, me and my sister would always build forts in our living room using the couch cushions and any blankets that we could find. It was a fun way to pass the time and every time we would build a fort it would be different...so we never got bored.

Daddy helped Hannah build her first fort. Daddy pulled out some blankets and the kitchen chairs and they went to town building the perfect fort in Hannah's room.

Here is daddy enjoying his work.

Hannah loved every bit of the fort!

Daddy and daughter.

I think we created a monster because she is constantly wanting to build a fort now. :oP

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  1. We used to build forts too and now the boys love them! We also use the kitchen chairs and blankets. It's something new to do!

  2. We did the same stuff too. We loved forts!! :)


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