All Dressed Up

Wednesday I was able to get all dressed up (for the first time in a long time) to go with Nick to the Blue Chip Team Member Awards Dinner.

Last March, Nick won Team Member of the Month so this past Wednesday they held a dinner to celebrate/congratulate everyone who won that honor throughout the year. Then all those people who won team member of the month got put into a drawing for team member of the year. That person won a trip to Hawaii.

Nick didn't win the trip to Hawaii, but it was still a nice 'date' night out. There were appetizers and we both opted for the steak and lobster dinner. Yummy!

And just because we can never be too is a goofy photo. :oP

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  1. You look great! I want to be that thin 5 weeks after Mackenzie is born!! :o) (or is he 6 weeks....)

  2. You look so pretty!!!
    And I love the way you pose for photographs with Nick :o)

  3. Thanks girls! I think the black makes me look thinner than I really am because I'm still sporting some flab in the midsection....oh and in my face. :oP

    Sara-Colson will be 6 weeks on Tuesday...which totally blows my mind!


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