Missing In Action

Our internet has been very slow at best... and that's when it decides to even work. Therefore, I cannot upload photos to my blog because it would take days. This situation will have to be solved soon though as my work situation is changing very drastically. Bare with me as well deal with this problem.

I promise I will make a 'real' post soon! I have a lot to post about! Our baby girl turned 6 months old this past Saturday so I have her 6 month photos to share with all of you! Plus, we got our new couches and we were finally able to hang our beautiful wedding picture we won from our wedding photographer so I want to post updated pics of our house.

Soon, I promise! Please forgive me!



Three days ago we gave Hannah her first taste of solid food.  

We started her on rice cereal for the time being but we'll probably try baby food next week.

We video taped and took photos of this new adventure.  We totally thought it was going to be a humorous event.  We thought that the food was going to go everywhere... all over Hannah... all over mommy. We thought that at the end of this adventure we would have to take a shower to get the food out of our hair.

Yeah, no, Hannah ate the cereal like she had been eating it forever.  I couldn't shovel the food into her mouth fast enough.  She was like a little bird.  

We are so proud of our little girl for doing so well. I'm sure that we'll have a breakdown in eating eventually... with a food she doesn't like... but for right now Hannah is eating solids like a pro!   :o) We are going on day 4 today! 

Here are some photos from her first feeding!






New Diaper Bag--UPDATE


I have decided to go ahead and get the diaper bag.  I had to pick between getting my hair cut and colored or the diaper bag and I picked the diaper bag because I am going to use it for months. How long does a color last?

So I am going to get this bag:  
XcessRize Designs DELUX HOBO PURSE DIAPER BAG BOOK GYM TOTE red brown Alexander Henry Mirabelle

YAY!  I'm not sure when I'll place the order but it will be soon!  I can't wait to get it!  :o)


I have been browsing Etsy for a new summer diaper bag.  Whether or not I am actually going to get one is still up for debate.  I guess it depends on if work stays busy and we have some extra spending money. But I would really like something that looks more like a purse and less like a diaper bag.

Here are a few that I fancy!  :oP

Floral Lines --everyday purse, with an adjustable strap--

XcessRize Designs DELUX HOBO PURSE DIAPER BAG BOOK GYM TOTE red brown Alexander Henry Mirabelle

Umbrella Strollers

Since spring is here (technically) and summer is around the corner, I think I want to get an umbrella stroller.  Hannah will be able to sit in a regular stroller soon and not in her car seat attached to the stroller, so I want to get a light weight one for when we go on walks or go shopping.

Here are a few that I have found:

*my favorite but its only available in pink-what if I have a boy next?  :o/ It is the cheapest though so I technically could get a new one if I have a boy.

*my second choice-available in three colors-I like the orange
Chicco C6 Stroller
Safety 1st Umbrella LX (Flash)

*not as lightweight but I like the teal blue
Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller in Gemma

Have any of you ever owned one of these?  
Or does someone have a different recommendation? 

I want a nice stroller that will last, but I don't want to spend a fortune on it.  


small update

So our internet decided to stop working pretty much right after I posted the last blog entry.  Long story that I don't feel like explaining... but for right now its working again so I thought I would write.

It has been chilly and raining here for the past few days.  BLAH.  Although the rain is nice because them we don't have to water the sod that we laid 2 weekends ago!  Free water!  :oP  It is supposed to warm up again though by the end of the week so I am hoping that it stays that way. I want to start taking walks with Hannah on a more regular basis... and get my fat ass in gear!  :oP

I have been working a little bit too... which is another reason why I haven't posted anything.  I love staying home with Hannah... but when there is money to be made, I have to go make it. But I'm not going to complain about being a part time/almost full time stay at home mommy.  Last week I worked one day, this week I'm working 2 maybe three.  I'm pretty much on an as needed basis without exceeding 4 days a week.  I don't want to work more than that.  The ultimate goal is to not have to go back to work at all (or maybe only work when things are really busy just for some fun spending money) but right now I need to work when I can.

Ummm... I have not uploaded any photos recently so recent pics are going to have to come in another post, on another day (I have some super cute ones!  :oP ), but I will post one pic from a few weeks ago so this post isn't photo-less.  :o)

Look at my big strong girl!  :o)

I think that is all for now.  :o/  Man, do I need to change my blog header....


We're back up and running!

We FINALLY have internet at our new place.  Who would have thought it would be so difficult to get internet... GEESH!

But, I should be able to post on a more regular basis now!  :oP     YAY!


Our Easter In Photos

So I am on my own computer so I thought I would do a post in only photos and subtitles.  :o)

Here was our Easter weekend!

I don't want to color eggs, daddy!

Or maybe I do...

Mommy's egg is prettier than yours, daddy!

I want to eat it!

Okay, coloring eggs wasn't that bad.

But I like my thumb more, I think.

That's a lot of stuff in that basket.  Is it all for me?

This toy is crazy!

I'm not going to pay attention to the camera... I'm just going to play with my new toy!

I'm still not going to look!

Okay, fine, I'll ham it up for the camera.

Does this bunny make my butt look big?

I'm getting kind of tired...

How did mommy get her own photo?

I like my butterfly shirt!

And I love my mommy!

I guess my parents wanted a photo without me in it though...  :o(


Happy Easter!

I am unable to make a decent post (with pics and everything) because I am not on my own computer, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you are able to spend it with family and friends!

When I scroll down my blog and see the 5 monthly photos of Hannah, and then the ticker below them, it makes me sad.  Because with each passing day our little butterfly is getting bigger.  And while I am excited for Hannah to get bigger and to reach new milestones, I still want her to be little.  

I was watching A Baby Story today (yeah, I watch that show, okay... ) and I started to cry because I just remember Hannah be so tiny, so fresh, so new...



A night night story!

Nick read Hannah a night night story the other night.  

And, of course, it wasn't a baby book... it was Sherlock Holmes... 
Only my husband would read our child a Sherlock Holmes book before bed.
But clearly Hannah was very interested in what daddy had to say...


Quick Update

We have finally moved into our new house!  YAY!  

We do not currently have internet at the new place so I am only able to get online if I go back to our old place or we go to one of the parents houses (which is why it has been a while since I have last made a post).    Its a pain in the butt, but we'll get internet eventually.  Hopefully next week sometime!

Our first night at the house went well.  It was the first night that Hannah did not sleep next to our bed... so that was really hard.  She has slept in her cradle, right next to me, since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  I got so used to being able to roll over and check on her and make sure she was breathing. But the first night we were at our new place, Hannah slept in her new crib, in her new room... which was down the hall from mommy and daddy.  :o(  I held back the tears as I laid her down to sleep that first night, but the baby monitor helped ease my mind A LOT!  I could still hear her breathing through the monitor.  Of course I woke up randomly through the night to physically check on her... I'm a mom... that's what moms do.  But the baby monitor is awesome and I'm sure in time, I will be able to let myself sleep through the night!  I haven't done that since I was, oh, maybe 4 months pregnant.

Hannah did really well in her crib.  She slept 8 hours straight the first night.  Maybe it was because she had so much room.  :oP  

Here are some photos of her in her crib!  :oP

Out like a light!  
She can pretty much sleep anywhere and through anything.  
She definitely gets that from her daddy!


She's so stinkin' cute!

I just want to hug her and squeeze her ALL THE TIME!