Our Easter In Photos

So I am on my own computer so I thought I would do a post in only photos and subtitles.  :o)

Here was our Easter weekend!

I don't want to color eggs, daddy!

Or maybe I do...

Mommy's egg is prettier than yours, daddy!

I want to eat it!

Okay, coloring eggs wasn't that bad.

But I like my thumb more, I think.

That's a lot of stuff in that basket.  Is it all for me?

This toy is crazy!

I'm not going to pay attention to the camera... I'm just going to play with my new toy!

I'm still not going to look!

Okay, fine, I'll ham it up for the camera.

Does this bunny make my butt look big?

I'm getting kind of tired...

How did mommy get her own photo?

I like my butterfly shirt!

And I love my mommy!

I guess my parents wanted a photo without me in it though...  :o(



  1. Aww I love all the photos! We have that same butterfly toy, B got it for Xmas. He loves to chew on the rings or the red thing.

  2. addison wore that same easter outfit! gotta love target!

  3. Yay for pictures... she's getting so big!!!

  4. I love target!

    And Hannah absolutely LOVES that crazy butterfly toy. She seems to like the Lamaze toys the best... I guess its all of those crazy colors.

    She is getting way to big! Before we know it she will be crawling! AH!


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