Umbrella Strollers

Since spring is here (technically) and summer is around the corner, I think I want to get an umbrella stroller.  Hannah will be able to sit in a regular stroller soon and not in her car seat attached to the stroller, so I want to get a light weight one for when we go on walks or go shopping.

Here are a few that I have found:

*my favorite but its only available in pink-what if I have a boy next?  :o/ It is the cheapest though so I technically could get a new one if I have a boy.

*my second choice-available in three colors-I like the orange
Chicco C6 Stroller
Safety 1st Umbrella LX (Flash)

*not as lightweight but I like the teal blue
Graco IPO Deluxe Stroller in Gemma

Have any of you ever owned one of these?  
Or does someone have a different recommendation? 

I want a nice stroller that will last, but I don't want to spend a fortune on it.  



  1. I want a three wheeled one. :o)

    You know, cause my opinion matters most. :oP

  2. I would love a jogging stroller but those are over $100 :o/

  3. I'm using addisons travel system still. She loves to sit in it without the car seat so I let her. Mine goes up to like 50lbs. Do u not have a travel system? If not I liked the second one. Have u looked at targets jogging strollers? I didn't think the one on display there was $100. I thought it was like $50 but I could be horribly wrong.

  4. Hilary,

    Yes I have a travel system... that is what I am using. But its just so big and heavy even without using the car seat on it. I wanted something lighter and less bulky. Maybe I'll take a look at Targets jogging strollers. I didn't like any of their umbrella strollers.

  5. I have to say that I *hate* umbrella strollers for the simple fact that the handles are not long enough and I have to bend over to reach them. Not so comfortable after a while. But they are nice for a quick trip into the store when you don't want to get out the big stroller. But I still preferred my Graco stroller at that age. More storage room and easier to push for me.

    But they all look nice, can you try any of them out at the store to see that the handles will be long enough?

  6. hummm, I never thought of the handles being too short. I love my graco travel system, it is just so big and bulky. I found these stroller on Amazon but maybe I'll go to Baby R Us and try some out. And who knows, maybe I'll end up liking a jogging stroller better anyways. That might be more practical for walking purposes anyways.

    I guess we'll see. I'm new with all baby products so your advice really helps!

  7. I know that BRU has the Chicco one for sure, but they also have a bunch of the umbrella strollers. I forget how tall you are compared to me, but if you are shorter than 5'4" then the handles might work for you. But I can almost guarantee that you will hate it if you are doing long walks with it. Go for the jogger :) lol

    try craigslist for a jogger, you can usually get them for cheap.

  8. Ya I have to agree about the handles on an umbrella stroller. Maybe these ones are different because they are look different then the $15 I got at kmart for a friends toddler. Craigslist would be the place I'd look too. You're definetly saving money.

  9. While at the Dr's with addison yesterday I saw the Chicco stroller (or at least one that looked exactly like it). The height is the same as a regular stroller and its really cute in person. this one was a light blue, almost aqua. i liked it.

  10. I'm headed to both Target and TRU today to find P a new carseat, so I will see if there are any at either store that are better with the height of the handles. I'll check back in a bit with my findings :)

  11. Ok, I only saw one at Target that was not just the usual umbrella stroller. It was the Graco IPO and it was a really cute green/brown print with elephants and other animals. It was pretty cute, lightweight, and...drum roll please....the handles were long enough!! :) I think it was cheaper too than $76.96, but don't quote me on that.

    TRU was a lost cause, for both you and me.

  12. Thanks Courtney! Maybe I'll look at Target again. I wonder if our BRU would have anything... I have a 15% off all strollers coupon that is burning a hole in my pocket! :oP

  13. If you happen to go to BRU before Sunday, will you let me know if they have either the Britax Regent or Britax Frontier at the store? We are coming up there Sunday and I want to try P out in one of them but we cannot find them in the store and I know BRU used to have them. We just dont have one here in Lafayette.

  14. I can't promise I will make it there before Sunday but if I do end up going before then I will look for them and let you know!


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