Missing In Action

Our internet has been very slow at best... and that's when it decides to even work. Therefore, I cannot upload photos to my blog because it would take days. This situation will have to be solved soon though as my work situation is changing very drastically. Bare with me as well deal with this problem.

I promise I will make a 'real' post soon! I have a lot to post about! Our baby girl turned 6 months old this past Saturday so I have her 6 month photos to share with all of you! Plus, we got our new couches and we were finally able to hang our beautiful wedding picture we won from our wedding photographer so I want to post updated pics of our house.

Soon, I promise! Please forgive me!



  1. I'm going through withdraws without something to read! :)

  2. I know, I know! I'm sorry!

    Although... you haven't posted in a while either, missy!

  3. I know, things have just been crazy these past few days. I've been meaning to do it though, its just my children have other plans for me :)

  4. ok... I guess that is a valid excuse... :oP


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