wedding photo & couches

Since Nick and I are currently in the process of building our new house, we had set a limit on spending for christmas presents.  But we did splurge on one gift and we're so happy that we did!

We got our beautiful and huge 20 x 30 inch wedding print, that we won from our photographer, matted and framed!  It is absolutely fabulous and we can't wait to hang it above our couch in the new house!  :o)

And speaking couches... I've been trying to convince Nick into getting new couches for the house.  New house should mean new couches, right!?  Our current couches are so uncomfortable so I would really like to get new ones.  

Value City seems to have some great deals going on so maybe I can drag Nick out there to look!  :o)

Here are a few that I found on their website:

1.)  $549.99
Chloe Chocolate 2-PC Sofa and Chair & 1/2 Package
2.)  $699.99
Troy Cocoa 3-PC Sofa, Chair & Ottoman Package
3.)  $769.99 
Magic Camel 2-PC Sleeper & Loveseat Package 
Which one do you like?  (our coffee table and end tables are the ones in photo #3)



  1. i really like the second one. it looks most comfortable, which i think is super important for a couch :o)

  2. Ok, my opinion may be skewed, but I vote for couches where the back cushions are attached and NOT pillows! Right now Peytonn is loving tearing down the back cusions of the couch so he can climb up on it. Its such a pain!!!

  3. Ah yes Courtney! You make a good point! I will definitely have to keep that in mind!

  4. AHHHHH I LOVE the framed print... it looks great!!!


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