Our Kitchen

Our house is really coming along!  Hannah and I went the other day to pick out cabinets. And let me just say what a HUGE help she was... yeah, okay not really... she slept the whole time.  :oP But we picked everything out and they have been ordered!  YAY!

The company sent me a 3D rendering of what our kitchen will look like!  :o) I'm very excited about it!  We got dark espresso cabinets and the walls are being painted red!

The sink and peninsula view.

The peninsula view... looking out into what will be the dining room (which is the white space in this rendering).

The stove view.

And then here is the floor plan. (Our bathroom sinks are on the top of the layout.)

Our tile for the bathrooms and kitchen should come in this week so hopefully we can tackle that this weekend.  My dad and Nick are going to be doing it themselves.  We haven't decided how we're going to layout the tile for the kitchen yet but these are the options:

This one is my favorite.

Then this one.

And then this one... but I'm pretty much ruling this one out because I think it will be a bit too busy.

Tonight, Nick and I are headed out to the house to paint... again.  We're on day 4 and we're not even close to being finished.  But at least now we're starting to get color on the walls... it was the primer that took forever!



  1. Ohhh love the cabinets! And all the counter space you have. I am jealous! We are in the planning stages of adding an island to our kitchen.

    P.S. I like your choice on the tile layout.

  2. i go with first one for tiles!

    i can't wait to see your whole house!


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