Overachieving Daughter!

Yesterday I wrote in my post about Hannah meeting her milestones in 2009... well she decided she wanted to meet one of them in 2008.

I was at my parents house yesterday working on my 'business' (of which I will share with you soon), sitting on the floor next to Hannah, and she ROLLS OVER!  Me and my mom couldn't believe it.  I was just asking my mom when Hannah should be rolling over and she told me it was probably a bit soon for her to be doing that yet.  Well, she made a liar out of my mom because no sooner did I place her on her tummy, she rolled over onto her back.

My little girl is so strong!

And of course for the next half hour I tried to get her to do it again but with no success.  I'm sure it was a fluke rollover but she rolled over nonetheless and it will be marked in her baby book!  :o)

YAY Hannah!


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  1. Good Job Hannah!!!! I think that is early... Kailee was about 4 months when she started rolling and she hasn't stopped. I think 4 months is early so 2 months is really early!!! Yay girl!!


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