Paint, Paint and More Paint

The plan today was to go out and get the 9 gallons of paint that we needed to paint our house.  Mind you this is after we have already bought 15 gallons of primer, about 8 gallons of ceiling paint, 3 gallons of red for the kitchen and 3 gallons of slate blue for the living room. But unfortunately we got some snow last night and this morning and the road in the front of our house doesn't look very good. So I am going to get it tomorrow morning because later in the day parents are coming over to help us paint.  

Since I can't go out today I decided to play with  I picked out all of the colors for the house (although I did have the majority of them picked already)!  

They are as follows:

  kitchen colors

  living room

  hall bathroom

  office/spare bedroom

  master bedroom 
(which will also have strips--of the same color just different sheens) 
  master bathroom

  Hannah's bedroom colors
(which will have an accent wall of a block pattern like her comforter and then the other three walls are just pink)

So yes, we are not shy of color.  Actually the only things that are not having any color are the closets and the hallway.  :o)

I'll post photos tomorrow of what we get done!


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