Goodnight, Sleep Tight!

For the past three night Hannah has been sleeping really well.  At first I thought maybe it was just one lucky night but now that it has been three nights in a row, I am starting to think that this might be her new schedule.

Sunday night she went 6.5 hours between feedings.  Granted I was still up for about two of those hours, but she still went a rather long amount of time before she woke up again.

Monday night she went 5.5 hours... of which I was smart enough to go to bed right after she was fed and feel asleep.  :o)

Then last night she went 6 hours.

Usually Hannah will give me 4 hours in between feedings, maybe the occasional 5.  It is so nice to be able to sleep for a longer amount of time straight through!  :o)

Hannah, please keep it up!  :o)


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