Weekend Fun—2

Like I said in my previous post, Nick took Thursday and Friday off of work so we had an extra long weekend to be able to do some fun things.

On Thursday we headed out to Coffee Creek to go for a walk. The weather was beautiful! Plus, we got a pleasant surprise during our walk as well. We came upon a momma deer and her little baby. It was so sweet!

Then later that afternoon we put together a kite and went out into the front yard to fly it. Hannah thought it was pretty cool.

On Friday we headed up to New Buffalo, Michigan. We walked around the harbor and relaxed at the beach for a bit. We weren't dressed to spend a long period of time at the beach (we had jeans on) but Hannah loved the 30 minutes that we did spend there. She loved gathering up all of the rocks and putting them in her bucket. I think she would have stayed there for hours!

Then we had lunch at The Stray Dog. It was our first time eating there and it was great! I think we'll have to make the drive up there a little more often for dinner!

Saturday was my birthday, as well as my mom's birthday, (yes, we have the same birthday!) so we spent the majority of the day over at my parents house.

I got my mom the new James Taylor CD so she was pretty excited about that. (Sorry I couldn't get you concert tickets, mom!)
We hung out outside. Hannah loved my dad's garden and flowers!

And what is a birthday without cake!? :oP

All-in-all, it was a fabulous weekend! I enjoyed being able to spend some extra fun family time together! If only Nick always had 4 days weekends!

I hope you all had nice weekends as well. For some of you I'm sure you have one more day to enjoy it! :o)


Weekend Fun

I'm a little behind on posting. I apologize. Nick took yesterday and today off from work so we have been enjoying our family time together.

Here are some photos that I took Wednesday evening.

Be on the lookout for some beach photos and some kite flying photos! :o)


19 Months!

Hannah is 19 months old today. She is officially closer to 2 years old than she is to 1. To me that is just crazy!
I know I always say this, but time really does need to slow down. It seams just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and that was 2 years ago. Then is seems like we just had Hannah's 1st birthday party but that was 7 months ago.
It is just crazy how fast time goes especially when it is the time you want to go by the slowest. I wish I could capture Hannah at this age and keep it in a bottle forever because it is so fun. I love watching her learn new things, try new things, say new things... everyday I look at her in amazement because she is growing up so fast.


Hot! Hot! Hot!

The past two days have been pretty hot round here. We went from nice 60 degree weather to upper 80's. It is so humid and it's only the end of May. I'm afraid to see what July is going to be like!

Sadly we can't hide from the heat all summer...we're going to have to cope.

We can always go outside to cool off, right!? 

We've got a little kiddie pool but I have been wanting to get a sprinkler of some sort for Hannah to be able to run through on really hot days (okay and maybe for mommy! :oP ) just to cool down and have some fun.

Here are a couple that I found:


Banzai Wigglin' Waterpillar Sprinkler -  Manley - Toys"R"Us

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Barbie Pendant Sprinkler


Barbie Pendant Sprinkler -  Manley - Toys"R"Us

I'm kind of afraid that she might slip on this one, but to me it looks the most fun! What do you think?

Which one should we get?


Birthday Present

My birthday isn't until Saturday but Nick gave me my birthday present early. I got it yesterday and I just LOVE it!

We got it from Amy Cornwell. Her necklaces are beautiful. I picked out an heirloom necklace because I liked the different shapes. I was able to personalize it with a little phrase. Plus, when we add to our family I can add another charm!

I'm sure I will wear it and cherish it for many many years. :o)


Go Blackhawks!

Last night we had a mini Blackhawks party while we watched the Chicago Blackhawks games. We had Hannah's grandma and papa over, as well as auntie Mandi and uncle Travis. :o)

Nick had to whip out his blackhawks jersey!

It was a little big for Hannah! :oP

We also had some Dairy Queen. 
Hannah may or may not have had some...

Okay...yeah, who are we kidding...she had some!

It was a fun evening and the Blackhawks ended up winning in overtime!


Friday Fill-Ins

1. My daughter never fails to make me smile.
2. I'm looking forward to the future and what it has in store.
3. Hannah talking to herself in her crib is what I'm listening to right now.
4. Potato salad must have pickles in it!
5. A red jawbreaker was the best thing I ate today. (so far--its only 9:45am :oP )
6. Today was supposed to be a rainy day but I'm hoping the rain stays away.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing night in, tomorrow my plans include going to the market in the morning and a big birthday dinner with my parents and sister and bro-in-law in the evening and Sunday, I want to enjoy the beautiful weather we're supposed to have—88 degrees!


Smiley Happy

Last night I managed to get some good pics of Hannah smiling. :o)

And just a goofy photo of Hannah and daddy playing. Hannah likes to ride on daddy's back! :oP

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! The weather is beautiful here. I'm sure we'll spend some time outside in the sandbox today!


Top 2 Tuesday

I don't usually participate in Top 2 Tuesday, but I thought I would join in this week. Who knows maybe I'll participate every week from now on! :oP

This week:

Top 2 Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1.)  I would love to travel the world! I've been to Italy, Greece and Turkey but  there are tons of other places I would love to go see in Europe: the Swiss Alps, Ireland, Paris, Germany to visit my German penpal...the list goes on. 

I'd also love to see Machu Picchu in Lima, go canopy gliding in Costa Rica, visit the Galapagos Islands, see the pyramids in Egypt, visit South Africa, go to New Zealand, see the Sydney Opera House, go to Japan, see the Taj Mahal, stay on one of the man-made islands in Dubai, go to Antarctica...and again, the list goes on.

2.) I want to pay off all of my debt...and I mean ALL of it. Not just the credit card debit. I want to pay off my student loans, and I want to pay off our car and our house.


Sandbox Fun

We finally got sand for Hannah's sandbox. Today, we went outside to let her play in it for the first time.  She LOVED every second! She was perfectly content shoveling sand into the buckets. I could not even get the kid to look at me for a picture...she was too busy playing. :oP

We're so glad she loves her sandbox. I, personally, was a little afraid that we were going to have a meltdown like we did with her snow encounter but it was just the opposite!  We were out there for a good 45 minutes and she didn't want to come in for lunch. I think she would have stayed out there all day...

sandbox from Jennifer Loving on Vimeo.