Go Blackhawks!

Last night we had a mini Blackhawks party while we watched the Chicago Blackhawks games. We had Hannah's grandma and papa over, as well as auntie Mandi and uncle Travis. :o)

Nick had to whip out his blackhawks jersey!

It was a little big for Hannah! :oP

We also had some Dairy Queen. 
Hannah may or may not have had some...

Okay...yeah, who are we kidding...she had some!

It was a fun evening and the Blackhawks ended up winning in overtime!



  1. Alright so I have no willpower when she lays down in front of me like that with the those big blue eyes and says "more more!"... haha sorry it is my job to spoil her! :oP

  2. haha! She is pretty hard to deny! She's a little stinker-butt! :o)


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