Top 2 Tuesday

I don't usually participate in Top 2 Tuesday, but I thought I would join in this week. Who knows maybe I'll participate every week from now on! :oP

This week:

Top 2 Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1.)  I would love to travel the world! I've been to Italy, Greece and Turkey but  there are tons of other places I would love to go see in Europe: the Swiss Alps, Ireland, Paris, Germany to visit my German penpal...the list goes on. 

I'd also love to see Machu Picchu in Lima, go canopy gliding in Costa Rica, visit the Galapagos Islands, see the pyramids in Egypt, visit South Africa, go to New Zealand, see the Sydney Opera House, go to Japan, see the Taj Mahal, stay on one of the man-made islands in Dubai, go to Antarctica...and again, the list goes on.

2.) I want to pay off all of my debt...and I mean ALL of it. Not just the credit card debit. I want to pay off my student loans, and I want to pay off our car and our house.


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