Wish List Wednesday

I have worked really hard to get our landscaping to look nice in the front yard. I have planted things, moved things around, planted new plants. It's finally to the point where I am happy with it...minus the few missing plants I still need to get (and if it ever stops raining I could go get them!) and the mulch.

The backyard is a different story. We finally got our trees planted (awesome!) and I have some beautiful lilac bushes planted (love them!) with some other random plants. We also have arborvitae along the back property line and some flowers in pots on the back patio. But the backyard is lacking color and organization.

With that being said, I would love to get some more pots and flowers for the patio...so it's almost a garden in itself. I would love different sized pots with tons of bright colored flowers.

How beautiful is this patio? I would love to have half of these plants on our patio!


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  1. i have over $1,000 worth of plants in my back and front yard. I have NO idea what they are..I know there are lillys and hastas but that's all I know. I could take a pic for you when everything is in full bloom if you'd like. take 'em if you want. I do NOT have a green thumb!


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