Hot! Hot! Hot!

The past two days have been pretty hot round here. We went from nice 60 degree weather to upper 80's. It is so humid and it's only the end of May. I'm afraid to see what July is going to be like!

Sadly we can't hide from the heat all summer...we're going to have to cope.

We can always go outside to cool off, right!? 

We've got a little kiddie pool but I have been wanting to get a sprinkler of some sort for Hannah to be able to run through on really hot days (okay and maybe for mommy! :oP ) just to cool down and have some fun.

Here are a couple that I found:


Banzai Wigglin' Waterpillar Sprinkler -  Manley - Toys"R"Us

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Barbie Pendant Sprinkler


Barbie Pendant Sprinkler -  Manley - Toys"R"Us

I'm kind of afraid that she might slip on this one, but to me it looks the most fun! What do you think?

Which one should we get?



  1. *I'm thinking Nick will like this comment :)*

    We just use our regular sprinkler. It works great, the kids love it, and my yard gets watered all at the same time. Plus, if you already have one, you don't have to spend any money. :)

    Or, I vote for the last one. hehe

  2. well, yes, technically we could just use our regular sprinkler...but what's the fun in that! :oP

    I think we might go with the bottom one. Its only 13 bucks so its not too expensive.

  3. aw, I liked the first one. But the third one is good cause you won't be walking in muddy grass. :o)

    Also it's hot here and it sucks! Expecially since it's gonna be hot when we move. yuck

  4. i really like them all but we figured that the last one she'll be able to sit on the mat and play in whatever water that collects--kind of like a mini pool. they're all cute though.


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