Birthday Present

My birthday isn't until Saturday but Nick gave me my birthday present early. I got it yesterday and I just LOVE it!

We got it from Amy Cornwell. Her necklaces are beautiful. I picked out an heirloom necklace because I liked the different shapes. I was able to personalize it with a little phrase. Plus, when we add to our family I can add another charm!

I'm sure I will wear it and cherish it for many many years. :o)



  1. I love her necklaces! I have one that has circles for the boys with their birthstones and then I had her make me one with dog tags and a special phrase on it for the hubby. She is great to work with too! :)

  2. yes, she is definitely fabulous!
    I might add birthstones once we have a second. or maybe a pearl. so many options/charms that I could necklace might end up weighing 5 pounds by the time I'm done adding charms. :oP

  3. LOVE IT!!! I love mine and wear it almost everyday. I love the fact that you can add to it too! Happy early birthday!!! XO


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