Wish List Wednesday

I would love for the organizing fairy to come to my house and organize my office!

I would love tons of cute bins to store my crafts. I would like a cool filing cabinet to keep bills, receipts, etc. organized. I would love to have another table so my computer can have a home of its own and so can my sewing machine.

He/she can wait until our basement is finished to organize my office, I would understand. I'm sure the organizing fairy is pretty busy. But something needs to change or I will go crazy! I walk into our current office and I want to scream. I might get away with calling it an organized chaos but at the end of the day it is still chaos!  AHHHH!

Wanna play Wish List Wednesday???



  1. I know, right!? I would love for this to be my office space!

  2. So cute! If only the cute bins weren't expensive!


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