Water Table

Auntie Holly and Uncle Dan came up for the weekend and brought Colson's birthday present with them. This was the first time they had seen him since Christmas so Colson had changed quite a bit.

Colson loves the bath tub and splashing around in water, so I knew he would love having a water table to play with.

Not only did Colson love the water table, but so did Hannah. :o)

What a fun way to cool off on a 90 degree day!

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Studio Pictures

The other day, I was out with my MIL doing a little shopping and as a spur of the moment thing we decided to get the kiddos pictures taken. The girl that we like was working that day and she was available so we thought why not!

But mind you, I did not dress the kids to have their pictures taken. Hannah was wearing some pink outfit and Colson was wearing a red, white and blue button down shirt with navy blue shorts.

We figured it would be easier to find Hannah a matching outfit at the store rather than trying to find something for Colson that would go with Hannah's pink. Let's just say it was a good thing I dressed Colson in what I did, because with the 4th of July coming they had tons of outfits for Hannah that would match!

Now, honestly I wasn't too fond of the whole red, white, and blue theme for the photos...but it was what worked, so we went with it. They actually look really nice! :o)

Now, the last time we got photos taken it was for Colson's 1st birthday photos and it was with another photographer. That session did not go so well. So, during this session our photographer did a few 1st birthday shots and they were just great! Colson is almost 16 months old, but that's okay! :oP

I'm just glad that she was able to get a photo of the two kiddos together because it had been a while since the last ones--Easter of last year, perhaps, because Colson didn't want to be put down during last years family photos. These will tide me over until we get our family photos taken! :o)

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For The Home--Pinterest Style

I love this Instagram wall. I think this is something that I definitely want to do in the basement once it's finished!

This project seems really easy! A definite must do! I just need a scrap piece of wood!

We have two of these chairs from Ikea. I think they would be a cute addition to the basement once I recover them!

I love this idea! Maybe for my office! A trash can, spray painted and turned upside down!

I think a few of these, printed and framed, would look cute in Hannah's new big girl room!

Love this! I've even seen this idea but they paint it on pieces of wood! Either way, it's cute.

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

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30 years

Whelp, today I turned 30 years old. 30. 3-0.

30 sounds old.

I don't feel like I'm 30.

30 sounds like I am officially an adult. Really, I feel like I should still be in college... Like I'm 24.

I'm not sure where the last 6 years went. Okay, I do know where they went...they just went by too fast!

I got engaged to my high school sweetheart, we built our first house, we got married, we had our daughter, we moved and built our second house, and we had our son.

Wow, that's a lot of craziness in just a few short years. But they have been the best years of my life.

I love more than I ever thought possible and my heart is so full!

I am lucky that I have such great family and friends!

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Colson's First Haircut

Well, we finally bit the bullet and got Colson's hair cut. :o) Mind you, Hannah's first haircut was 4 months ago, so it was a little hard to cut off his cut curly locks.

We picked a kids only place...thought it might ease him into the whole hair cutting thing. They had movies playing and Colson sat in a police car. All-in-all, I was rather unimpressed. The girl who cut his hair seemed a little off.  ???  I had to trim a few spots at home because she just didn't do all that great of a job. I don't know...maybe I'm too picky or too much of a perfectionist. I just wasn't impressed with the place.

So, was it worth taking him to a kids only place? Not really. We won't be back.

With the being said...
Colson did great. He didn't seem to mind that some stranger was messing with him.

Here is his hair before she started cutting it. It was a bit long, wasn't it!?

Towards the end, he got a little antsy. How many times can you press the only button on the police car that still makes any sound?

And here is our big boy...enjoying some 'after haircut french fries'. As you can see, we kept the length in the front but just tapered the back.
They gave us his curly locks in a bag for his baby book...for an extra $2. Seriously? But oh, we got a certificate and a photo too...because, you know, I didn't just spend the whole time taking my own photos.
I'm glad we finally got it cut though. It was time. While I miss his cute little curls, I do like it shorter. It definitely makes him look older and he won't get the car seat rats nest on the back of his head anymore.

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Just A Little Fun

I already miss his curls. :o( Yep, Colson got his first haircut. Post to come!!!

Playing together.

I just can't get over his cuteness!

Back off ladies, these two boys are ALL MINE! :o)
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WARNING! Extreme Cuteness!

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Fun Finds!

We're having a big Memorial Day Party/ My *gasp* 30th Birthday Party this Sunday and I am going to make this! Fun and festive!

I am obsessed with paint chip wall art. I have paint chips in my office above my sewing table but this would look super cute in Hannah's room!

Speaking of Hannah's room--I love this bed. This might be the one we get!

We desperately need a larger kitchen table. I think it would be fun to make a new top!

Love this!

Made this for a party and it was delicious! Super easy to make too so I think I will make it again for the party on Sunday.

I need to chalkboard something! I love the ornate frames with these chalkboards! Or maybe I'll just wait until our basement is finished and chalkboard a whole wall--for the kiddos of course...definitely not so I can doodle! :oP

Hannah always loves the crayons she gets at restaurants so why not make a nice travel case for crayons and paper. I have tons of dvd cases so this is a definite must do! Soon! :o)

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