Blood Work Update

The doctor called this afternoon about Colson's blood work.

Long story short--there is nothing really that would explain his restricted growth.

A few things were abnormal-- his liver function was a 50 where a 40 is normal, and his IGA level was a 27 where 35 is normal. I was told that those two things are not the cause of him being small.

They are a tad concerned with his Free T4 thyroid test though, to where she actually called down to Riley's Children's Hospital. I guess that test was elevated but another thyroid test was normal so our doctor called to get a second opinion. The doctor at Riley's thinks that it was a lab error.

So yes, that means I get to take Colson in again tomorrow to have more blood drawn so they can run the test again.

Poor kid! :o(

But If the same numbers come back then it is something we will have to talk about--possibly down at Riley's Children's Hospital.


That was the extent of our phone conversation. Our doctor seems pretty convinced that it was lab error and that we should just keep on giving him tons of calories and keep a weight check scheduled for 5 weeks from now.

Obviously they will call once we get the results back from the second blood draw.

So now, here we are...waiting again. I hate waiting! I'm also trying not to freak out about the thyroid test actually being accurate. The mention of Riley's Children's Hospital was not something I wanted to hear! Although, this is what we wanted. We wanted an answer. I just wish it would have came today. *sigh*


  1. WELL I'm gonna go with lab error!!
    But if you end up at Riley they are the best!! My aunt Pam asked for donations there instead of flowers when she died because of all the amazing things they had done for my cousin.
    And you can stay with us if you need too. :)

    But it's a lab error so guess you'll have to come down for a zoo trip and stay with us instead. :oP

    Just let Colson eat all the things you wish you were eating! And lots of snacks.

  2. We have to go to Children's Memorial in Chicago for Addi's reflux. It's always scary having to take kids to a major hospital! I'm gonna go with lab error too since every time Addi has had lab work done at Porter (or an affiliated hospital) it comes back wrong every single time. Best of luck!

  3. Aww. I hate it when they have to draw C's blood. I'm sorry, mama! Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. I'm sure he'll catch up eventually! Hugs!

  4. Poor kiddo! I know it seems scary when Riley is mentioned, but we go to Riley for P's allergies. A good way to think about it is a place with more experienced doctors that deal with this kind of stuff, not as "OMG, something is MAJORLY wrong with MY kid!"

    Hang in there mama and keep us posted!!


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