Colson's First Haircut

Well, we finally bit the bullet and got Colson's hair cut. :o) Mind you, Hannah's first haircut was 4 months ago, so it was a little hard to cut off his cut curly locks.

We picked a kids only place...thought it might ease him into the whole hair cutting thing. They had movies playing and Colson sat in a police car. All-in-all, I was rather unimpressed. The girl who cut his hair seemed a little off.  ???  I had to trim a few spots at home because she just didn't do all that great of a job. I don't know...maybe I'm too picky or too much of a perfectionist. I just wasn't impressed with the place.

So, was it worth taking him to a kids only place? Not really. We won't be back.

With the being said...
Colson did great. He didn't seem to mind that some stranger was messing with him.

Here is his hair before she started cutting it. It was a bit long, wasn't it!?

Towards the end, he got a little antsy. How many times can you press the only button on the police car that still makes any sound?

And here is our big boy...enjoying some 'after haircut french fries'. As you can see, we kept the length in the front but just tapered the back.
They gave us his curly locks in a bag for his baby book...for an extra $2. Seriously? But oh, we got a certificate and a photo too...because, you know, I didn't just spend the whole time taking my own photos.
I'm glad we finally got it cut though. It was time. While I miss his cute little curls, I do like it shorter. It definitely makes him look older and he won't get the car seat rats nest on the back of his head anymore.

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  1. Good job, Colson! He looks great. :)

  2. Yeah, I've never been a fan of those kids only places. I used to have to take my cousins to one for their hair cuts.
    I'm impressed he sat still for any amount of time!


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