Colson's 2nd Blood Draw

Well, we got the results from Colson's second blood draw. It looks like his T4 levels are still elevated so as a precaution, the endocrinologists down at Riley's want to take a look at him.

Our pediatrician told us not to freak out so I am not going to. She assured me that Colson is happy, healthy and thriving and that this visit is only a precaution because his results were SLIGHTLY elevated.

And while I am not freaking out, that doesn't mean I am not slightly worried. I mean we have to travel to a hospital that specializes in growth issues--so their endocrinologists can look at our son. That is some scary stuff right there!

But they are the specialists and hopefully they can tell us one way or another, what is or is not going on inside our little man.

We can only hope that it really is nothing and our little guy is just little, but if somethings wrong I guess Riley's is where I would want to be!


  1. hope everything turns out okay! i'll be praying for you!!

  2. Oh Jennifer, thinking of you and sweet, sweet Colson! I'm sure your little guy will be just fine. I hate when doctors send us off to someone else, but its always better to know than to wonder :)

    1. Thanks so much! It's scary but at least we'll get some answers!


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