Pink Ball Popper

This poor kid has an over abundance of pink in his life. There are times where I feel really bad. :o/
When buying this ball popper for Hannah, I should have gotten her in blue. At the time though, I figured the toy was cheap enough that if we ended up having a boy the second go around, I would just go out and buy a blue one.
Um, yeah, one ball popper is one too many for any household! Talk about a headache. Then add on top of the popping, our dogs barking incessantly at it. Oi!
Because of that, I decided against buying a blue popper. I can just envision Hannah and Colson having popper races down the hallway if I were to buy one and that is something this mommy's head could not take!

But Hannah loved the popper so I had to at least pull the one we had out for all of its pink-ness and in all of its annoying-ness.

Colson, you're welcome!

Nick, I'm sorry!

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