For The Home--Pinterest Style

I love this Instagram wall. I think this is something that I definitely want to do in the basement once it's finished!

This project seems really easy! A definite must do! I just need a scrap piece of wood!

We have two of these chairs from Ikea. I think they would be a cute addition to the basement once I recover them!

I love this idea! Maybe for my office! A trash can, spray painted and turned upside down!

I think a few of these, printed and framed, would look cute in Hannah's new big girl room!

Love this! I've even seen this idea but they paint it on pieces of wood! Either way, it's cute.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

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  1. I love that heart canvas and that last frame! So cute! :)

    1. Me too! I have everything to make one so hopefully mine turns out just as cute!

  2. That last frame is adorable. I've seen it in larger format, but I like this version much better. Sweet, perfect and to the point!

  3. I love the instagram photo idea!

    1. The only problem will be narrowing down the photos!:o)

  4. I love that upside down trash can idea.
    Now where to find a cute trash can like that..........


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