Fun Finds!

We're having a big Memorial Day Party/ My *gasp* 30th Birthday Party this Sunday and I am going to make this! Fun and festive!

I am obsessed with paint chip wall art. I have paint chips in my office above my sewing table but this would look super cute in Hannah's room!

Speaking of Hannah's room--I love this bed. This might be the one we get!

We desperately need a larger kitchen table. I think it would be fun to make a new top!

Love this!

Made this for a party and it was delicious! Super easy to make too so I think I will make it again for the party on Sunday.

I need to chalkboard something! I love the ornate frames with these chalkboards! Or maybe I'll just wait until our basement is finished and chalkboard a whole wall--for the kiddos of course...definitely not so I can doodle! :oP

Hannah always loves the crayons she gets at restaurants so why not make a nice travel case for crayons and paper. I have tons of dvd cases so this is a definite must do! Soon! :o)

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  1. OK,
    Love the paint chip hearts!
    Really love the bed!!
    And I vote chalk board the whole wall!!! Although I want to do the frame one, maybe the wall and the frame for you. :)

  2. I want to pin all of this :)


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