A Winter Funk.

The weather is really getting to me. It's not that I hate the cold and am ready for summer....it's just that I am ready to be able to go outside without my face hurting because it is so cold. I long for a 40 degree day where it is sunny.  It's really hard when you are stuck inside for well...since December!?

I am getting stir crazy, the kids are getting stir crazy and that combination can lead to some really long days.

The kids have been whiny and pushing every button imaginable. I have yelled. They have cried. 

It's at the end of those days that I wish I could just erase them and pretend that they never happened.

Nick is now working up in Chicago so he is never home at the same time at night. Some days there is no traffic and it takes him an hour to get home, other days it takes him 2. 

I can't plan a nice dinner for fear of it getting cold. The kids will sometimes eat dinner before us so they are not eating at 7:00. 

Nick makes great sacrifices for us and I know that this drive sucks for him. It would be nice to be able to give him a nice dinner when he gets home. It makes me sad that I can't give him that simple thank you.

Things are just bumming me out and I try to not let it get to me but it does. 

I think every in combination is what is making it so hard.

My weight loss? Yeah, what weight loss??? 

I haven't even been in the mood to concentrate of my food or calories. A lame excuse, probably. But I am trying to not knock myself down too much for failing at the first 2 weeks of my 'road to a better me'. 

Now all of this is not to say there has been a lack of excitement around these parts. There have been good days and smiles and laughter. It has definitely not all been bad.

Little Miss has decided that she wants to rock on all 4's. I had to fight the urge to push her down. This mama is not ready for her baby...her last baby, to be crawling!

That being said... Hailey has mastered moving backwards. <insert sad face> As if rocking up to all 4's wasn't bad enough.
I think I am just going to duct tape her butt to the floor!

We finally removed the side rail to Colson's crib. It had been a long time coming but he transitioned very well! He has stayed in his bed and will call for is when he has to go potty or wants to come out. 

I am getting ready to start on the baby food making journey. I got these books from the library.
I loved making good for Colson's so I am excited to do it again with Hailey! I am still in denial though, that Hailey is even old enough to start food.

So there it is.
Today is a new day.
I have counted my calories. I have tried some new activities with the kids. I am just trying to stay positive. It cannot stay cold forever. 

I (we) will get out of this funk!

It's Time To Get Serious Again--The Road To A Better Me!

Back in August of 2011, 6 months after I had Colson, I started on the road to a better me. I was determined to lose the baby weight once and for all. I stuck with it for a good 8 weeks. I watched what I was eating, I counted my calories, I worked out, and I felt good! I ended up losing almost 10 pounds in those 8 weeks. But the holidays came and I stopped counting my calories, I stopped working out and I stopped losing weight. I picked back up again and managed to get down to the 142 range but that's as close as I got before getting pregnant again in August of 2012.

Now, 5 months after having my third child, I find myself longing for those lower numbers on the scale. And really it's not even about the lower numbers...it's just about feeling good about myself again. The lower numbers are just a bonus.

After I was cleared from my doctor, I started very lazily counting my calories. Very lazily! Like, just estimating them in my head.

I have lost 33.5 pounds in those 5 months. A good 20 came off right after having Hailey, but the rest has been due to watching what I eat.

I am still a ways away from the ever evil green line and my goal weight. I never reached my goal weight before getting pregnant with Hailey but now that we are done having kids, I have no excuse! I will get to my goal weight of 136--which is what I weighed before getting pregnant with Hannah! I hope to get there before summer!

So I am going to get serious about my eating again and serious about my counting calories. I also got some Tracy Andersson DVDs that I started a few weeks ago but stopped when we all got sick. So I am excited to start those back up and I am just excited to lose this weight for good! No more 'I'm having a baby' to keep me from my goal.

Who wants to join me in a weight loss adventure. I plan on posting my progress every week like I did last time in part to hold me accountable and in part to motivate myself by seeing the numbers. I am so close to the 140's that I can taste them! Maybe not a good way to state that when trying to lose weight but you know what I mean! :o)

5 Months Old!

Miss Hailey is 5 months old today.

She is such the sweetest thing and loves to give huge smiles. I have even been able to get some giggles out of her but no big belly laughs yet.

She is still on the lazy side and does not really roll over. She will from time to time roll from tummy to back but has yet to ever roll from back to tummy. She is really good at pushing her upper body into the air though. The kid might crawl before she rolls. :oP

She has lost a large amount of her baby hair. She is definitely my baldest baby. But it is finally starting to grow back and I think it is coming in blonde. Will my third child have blonde curly hair like I do!? I kind of hope so! :oP

She wears a size 2 diaper and still fits into 3 month clothes. She does wear some 3-6 month stuff, as well.

She is rocking a 7 ounce bottle every 4 hours or so and in the next few weeks we will start her on baby food. (How is it even time for that!?) I am excited to make baby food again. I really enjoyed making Colson's, plus Hailey is right in the spring and summer season so I will be able to get a lot of fruits and veggies at the market this year!

She is still a great sleeper...usually sleeping from 8pm-7am. Although we did have a stretch of time where she was waking up at 4:30 but she would eat and go right back to bed.

She naps a lot during the day, as well. we're not really on a napping schedule yet because every time I put her on her tummy she is usually asleep within 10 minutes. The girl is just like her daddy and likes her sleep! :oP

She is still fascinated my her brother and sister. She is constantly watching them and sometimes gets mad when they leave the room. When she does start crawling she is going to give Hannah and Colson m(and mommy) a run for their money!

I just can't believe Hailey is 5 months old already. 1 month away from her half birthday. What is that about!? I don't like it!

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Someone Has To Be The Smallest--Colson's 3 Year Stats

The doctor said that Colson is consistent on the growth charts and that is what matters. 

They did weigh him fully dressed--wearing jeans--so I think the weight is a bit generous. :oP But I was pleased that he actually broke the 10th percentile in something. He hasn't done that since, well, I can't even remember.

They were impressed with his speaking and that he was potty trained. 

They also said he is doing well with his colors and letters. 

He knows the main colors and most of the alphabet. He even knows most of the sounds that the letters make. He can count to 10 but has a hard time pointing out the correct numbers to us. He does know his shapes and can draw a circle. We are currently working on how to hold a pencil. I also want him to start practicing writing letters, if I can.

They did however, tell us that he has an innocent heart murmur also known as a "physiologic" murmur. The told us to not worry and that it will go away, but as a mother, you always worry about medical things. But everything I have read is very reassuring so I am 'trying' to not think about it too much.

So, Colson is a normal 3 year old...he is just one of the smallest 3 year olds. But hey, we got tons of use out of 18 month clothes and most 24 month and 2t stuff is finally fitting him nicely. :o)

We love our little peanut!

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Colson's Train Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Colson's birthday party. We actually had it on his actual birthday.

We also had a big snow storm roll through the night before and into the day of his party. I mean, it would seem only fitting that he was born during a snow storm so then we should celebrate all of his birthdays during one, as well. :o/

So sadly, becuase of the snow, a lot of people were not able to make it to the party. Which we totally understood. We didn't want people risking there lives for our sons birthday party. Colson didn't seem to mind. He still had a blast!

Colson picked out his theme for his party. He decided on a train theme. I showed him a picture on Pinterest of train tracks on the floor made with tape and he was sold. It was all I heard about for weeks. Is it time for my train tracks??? :oP So cute.

So after we put him to bed for the last time as a 2 year old, we got to work on putting the tracks down on the kitchen floor. We used electrical tape and it was perfect. It went down easy and pealed up without leaving any sticky residue!

When he woke up on his birthday and saw the tracks he just got a super huge smile on his face and grabbed his Thomas train. :o)

Here are the details of the party.

He loved his cake! It was blue...his favorite color! :o)

Then it was time for presents. Hannah wanted to 'help' Colson.

His gift from us was a lego table. We bought a table and the lego plates off of Amazon and made the table ourselves. It was super easy and it was a hit! He couldn't wait to open all of the new blocks that he got.

Other than the snow, the day was perfect. Thank you to everyone who celebrated it with us! :o)

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Happy 11th Birthday, Dodger!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colson!!!

3 years ago today we welcomed this baby boy into the world.

He is such a joy in our lives and has turned into such a little man!


Today we celebrate you!

You are the best big and little brother and you have such a loving and caring heart.

We love you very much!