It's Time To Get Serious Again--The Road To A Better Me!

Back in August of 2011, 6 months after I had Colson, I started on the road to a better me. I was determined to lose the baby weight once and for all. I stuck with it for a good 8 weeks. I watched what I was eating, I counted my calories, I worked out, and I felt good! I ended up losing almost 10 pounds in those 8 weeks. But the holidays came and I stopped counting my calories, I stopped working out and I stopped losing weight. I picked back up again and managed to get down to the 142 range but that's as close as I got before getting pregnant again in August of 2012.

Now, 5 months after having my third child, I find myself longing for those lower numbers on the scale. And really it's not even about the lower's just about feeling good about myself again. The lower numbers are just a bonus.

After I was cleared from my doctor, I started very lazily counting my calories. Very lazily! Like, just estimating them in my head.

I have lost 33.5 pounds in those 5 months. A good 20 came off right after having Hailey, but the rest has been due to watching what I eat.

I am still a ways away from the ever evil green line and my goal weight. I never reached my goal weight before getting pregnant with Hailey but now that we are done having kids, I have no excuse! I will get to my goal weight of 136--which is what I weighed before getting pregnant with Hannah! I hope to get there before summer!

So I am going to get serious about my eating again and serious about my counting calories. I also got some Tracy Andersson DVDs that I started a few weeks ago but stopped when we all got sick. So I am excited to start those back up and I am just excited to lose this weight for good! No more 'I'm having a baby' to keep me from my goal.

Who wants to join me in a weight loss adventure. I plan on posting my progress every week like I did last time in part to hold me accountable and in part to motivate myself by seeing the numbers. I am so close to the 140's that I can taste them! Maybe not a good way to state that when trying to lose weight but you know what I mean! :o)


  1. Right there with ya mama!! I am focusing on getting some activity/exercise into my daily schedule. The problem I am having is finding and making the time to fit it in. I am just so busy with working a full schedule and having 4 kids, it's mind boggling to try to figure out gym time for me. Plus with a hubby that has been forced into overtime almost every single day for the past month and doesn't get home until 730 at night. I'm dog tired. Ugh! Ok, so there are all my lame excuses! :) motivation......wearing shorts this summer and feeling great at the pool with my kids!

  2. I need to start too! But now this move and I'm stalling on getting started. To add to the excuses....Ethan's just now sleeping most of the night and napping. Plus I keep having pain from my c-section. I have a plan though to take the kids on walks EVERY day after we move! I may not like shorts and the pool this summer - but by fall I'll be ready for skinny jeans, tall boots, and sweaters! :oP
    I could start focusing on counting calories until the move....I mean I am only 5lbs away from pre Ethan weight....OK, that's my goal, lose those 5lbs before we move. :o)


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