Colson's Train Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Colson's birthday party. We actually had it on his actual birthday.

We also had a big snow storm roll through the night before and into the day of his party. I mean, it would seem only fitting that he was born during a snow storm so then we should celebrate all of his birthdays during one, as well. :o/

So sadly, becuase of the snow, a lot of people were not able to make it to the party. Which we totally understood. We didn't want people risking there lives for our sons birthday party. Colson didn't seem to mind. He still had a blast!

Colson picked out his theme for his party. He decided on a train theme. I showed him a picture on Pinterest of train tracks on the floor made with tape and he was sold. It was all I heard about for weeks. Is it time for my train tracks??? :oP So cute.

So after we put him to bed for the last time as a 2 year old, we got to work on putting the tracks down on the kitchen floor. We used electrical tape and it was perfect. It went down easy and pealed up without leaving any sticky residue!

When he woke up on his birthday and saw the tracks he just got a super huge smile on his face and grabbed his Thomas train. :o)

Here are the details of the party.

He loved his cake! It was blue...his favorite color! :o)

Then it was time for presents. Hannah wanted to 'help' Colson.

His gift from us was a lego table. We bought a table and the lego plates off of Amazon and made the table ourselves. It was super easy and it was a hit! He couldn't wait to open all of the new blocks that he got.

Other than the snow, the day was perfect. Thank you to everyone who celebrated it with us! :o)

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  1. What a great little boy party! I love every bit of it! The tracks are such a great idea and the table is just perfect :D My little guy has been real into trains lately, his birthday is in a few months.... if you get where I'm going... we just may have a train 2nd birthday party! Great job mama!! Also, the kids look so freakin adorable, Old Navy outfits right?! I'm a huge ON fan, like almost everything my kids have are from there lol :D Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, dear! The train theme was definitely a hit with the little man!
      And yes! Gotta love Old Navy! :o)

  2. What a great party!! Everything looked just perfect! =)

  3. I love your parties!! You need to write a book. At least make a book for each kid with each birthday in it. :)
    Wish we could have been there. Erin would hav been playing with the table. He's already talking about making one for Mackenzie.


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