The Road To A Better Me!

This post has been a long time coming and honestly I have been putting it off for fear of failure. But I am sucking it up and I am going to post.

I have started exercising, I am watching what I eat, and I am counting my calories.

Hopefully, I am headed down the road that leads to a better me.

Let me begin by saying that it's not easy! When you take note of what you eat all day, everyday and the calories involved, you realize just how badly you were eating before.

Jimmy Johns #16 Club LuLu sandwich—a whopping 750 calories
small Dairy Queen M&M Blizzard—500 calories.

And that's not including McDonalds that I would get, cookies I would eat, or all the fried food I would consume. All I can say is YIKES! I am kind of embarrassed at my eating habits.

Granted I don't eat all of those things in a day, but at the same time how was I even wondering why I wasn't losing the rest of the pregnancy weight.  I mean, DUH, I am eating crappy crappy food...that is why I'm not losing anything.

I have been exercising for a good 2 months now with nothing to really show for it but slightly toned arms and stronger ab muscles still covered by fat. :o/ So I have decided to take it one step further. I am keeping track of everything I eat in a day and the calories along with it. I am using an app called Lose It! and so far I love it. It is really easy to use. They also have a website.

I actually signed up for this app way back in April when I first told myself I wanted to start losing the baby weight. I pretty much signed up for it and that was it. I never actually used it...until about 3 days ago. I started on Friday so I am excited to see over the next few weeks if I see any improvements/weight loss.

When I signed up for the app it was shortly after my 6 week postpartum doctors appointment. At that time I weighed 156. And, yes I am posting my weight. I am not ashamed of where I am. This is me after 2 kids and +20 pounds.

Before I had Hannah I was 136. So, 136 is my first goal. I would love, love, LOVE to lose my 20 pounds of 'baby' weight. If all goes well with losing 20 pounds, I might aim for another 10-15 pounds. Oh how I dream of being 125 pounds again. I haven't been 125 pounds since junior year of college, 8 years ago. But, while my overall goal is to lose 30 pounds--any weight loss at this point in time will make me giddy. :o)

So far I have lost 2.5 pounds since I was weighed back in March. Not too great, hence, why I have started to keep track of what I eat. I am hoping that with some discipline and exercise, I will start to see those pounds fall away. I am determined to get back a body that doesn't jiggle. :o)

I will set my weigh in days for Friday since that is the day I started tracking with Lose It! I will try to post my weekly results every Friday so it holds me accountable. This Friday will be my first official post and I will try to post a current photo of me (and compare it to my 6 week postpartum photo) as well as my numbers.

I will welcome any support, cheers or words of wisdom. If you, too, are on a weight loss journey, let me know! We can cheer each other on! :o)

So there it is! I am on the road to a better me! I can do this!

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  1. September 1st is my start date! Gives me a chance to do a good shopping trip, plan meals, and adjust to being a working mom. Maybe I'll post on Fridays too. :)

  2. I think those are great goals and totally attainable! Coming up with a plan is half the battle. Good luck, I bet you'll rock it out!

    (Found you on TAT! Following!)

  3. You can definitely do it, mama!!! I think there comes a time when you just realize that "this is it" and you can really committed to the weight loss. That is where I am. We can do it! And I am here for support and words of encouragement!

  4. Best of luck to you on the weight loss journey!!! I think your plan sounds very solid, and I totally agree on the calorie counting - it really opens your eyes. It took me just under 4 months to lose all of my baby weight, and I still have to watch what I eat.

  5. Thanks, girls, for the words of encouragement! :o)


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