6 month well baby visit

Colson finally had his 6 month doctor visit today... 2 days shy of turning 7 months.

Here are his stats:

Weight—16 lbs 12 ounces
(+2 lbs 7 ounces from his 4 month appointment)
40th percentile

Height—25 1/2 inches
(+1.75 inches)
25th percentile

Head Circumference—43.8 cm
(+2.1 cm)
50th percentile

And just for comparison, here are Hannah's 6 month stats that were actually taken right when she turned was 6 months old:
weight: 17.9 lbs
length: 26.5 inches
head: 42 cm

So, Colson is still smaller than Hannah was even with being almost a month older at the time of the 6 month appointment.

I'll update more on the little man this Thursday when he turns 7 months old! :o)

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