Candy Land

Grandma and Papa got Hannah the game Candy Land quite some time ago and would always play it over at their house. Well, they were going out of town for the weekend so we brought it over to our house to play.

Hannah has a slight love for the game. She is constantly asking to play it. She can go through and play the entire game about once, but if she asks to play it again she only lasts a few minutes before she wants to move onto something else.

I am quite impressed though. She picks a card and is pretty good about moving her own piece to the correct spot. She just loves to move everyone else's pieces too! :oP

I loved this game as a well as Chutes and Ladders. I'm thinking that Hannah might be a bit too young still for Chutes and Ladders, but I don't know. Maybe we'll give it to her for her birthday or christmas! :o)

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