Da Bears!

Saturday night was date night for me and the hubs and boy was it a great one!

My MIL got Chicago Bears preseason tickets from work and gave them to us to enjoy. And not only were they great seats, they were club ticket seats—so we were also able to enjoy the club perks as well. They had a turkey and prime rib carving station, a salad bar, an ice cream bar (which we hit up on the way out!) and tons of leather seating. It was pretty cool! We felt pretty important! :oP

The weather was perfect for the whole game (70 degrees). It rained the whole drive to the stadium and the whole way home but as soon as the game started it stopped raining.

I took one little video clip of the game and it just happened to be when the Bears scored the only touchdown. Pretty awesome timing on my part!

Bears Touchdown from Jennifer Loving on Vimeo.

The Bears won the game which made it a perfect night. This was also my first NFL game so I can know mark that off of my list of things to go do. :o)

It was so nice to just go out and do something with the hubs. A super huge THANK YOU to my MIL for the awesome gift!

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  1. My fiance is a Bears fan and he keeps begging to go to a game. Looks like you had a good time!

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