Oh Snap Wednesday--Hannah and Daddy

Today, I am joining Growing Up Gardner for Oh Snap! Wednesday.

Growing Up Gardner

Hannah has been really big on playing certain ways. She'll tell us, "No, like this!" if we're not doing it right (aka how she wants us to). Or she will tell us to lay in a certain spot or in a certain way. It's pretty funny.

And of course, we are her monkeys so we do what she tells us to do! :oP Okay, not always...

I love these pics of Hannah with her daddy. :o) This is one example of when Hannah wanted her daddy to lay on the floor with her. And at first he didn't lay in the right spot so he had to move. :oP Too funny.

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  1. I remember when Noelle started walking and playing at the park she would tell me where to step and which slide to go down. They love giving instructions.
    Looks like you guys have a lot of fun! And yay for a first tooth! Noah just got the same one last week. He isn't handling it too well though.
    Thanks for linking up at Growing up Gardner!


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