Colson's 6 Month Photos

We took Colson to get his 6 month photos taken yesterday. He wasn't his true smiley self because it was borderline nap time (which is my bad for scheduling it when I did), but we still got some super cute ones! :o)

I just cannot get enough of the overalls pics. LOVE them! :o)
I want to get some more like this when he can actually sit up and possibly stand on his own.

We had to get a few of Hannah, as well.

I cannot believe how big she is getting...and how long her hair is getting!

I'm kind of bummed that we weren't able to get some pics of the kiddos together but by the time we took Colson's and then Hannah's, Colson was ready to be done. :o(

But I can't wait to add them to our wall montage that I put up in the living room. Photos of that once we get all the photos into the frames--I still have to print some photos for it.

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  1. These pictures are beyond adorable! Love the ones of Colson in the basket and overalls!


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