Hannah's 3rd Birthday Party


Todays Oh, How Pinteresting will revolve all around my daughter's upcoming 3rd birthday party.

There is a little under 2 months to get everything in order so I have been very busy pinning ideas and crafting away!

Her birthday party will be a Tea Party Theme and I cannot tell you how excited I am to plan and create this party! :o) We are going all out! Different kinds of tea, cocktail hats and fascinators, feather boas, fake mustaches for the guys, tea sandwiches, beautiful desserts...ah, I can't wait!

Hannah loves to play tea set and she always walks around asking everyone if they would like a spot of tea, so I just knew that that was going to the the theme of her birthday party this year. I just hope she loves it as much as I am loving planning it!

Ok, on to the pins! :o)


  1. Everything is so precious! I just want to jump into that cake!! :)

    I hope she has a magical birthday!

  2. I love the sugar coated marshmallows. My sons would love this idea. They love everything marshmallows. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

  3. those tea bag cookies and those marshmallows look awesome!!

  4. The tea bag cookies are adorable! I'm definitely going to try them out. :)


  5. These pins are so pretty! I think I might even have a couple of them already myself. The tea ones are especially lovely.

    Where would we be without Pinterest?

    Best wishes and happy pinning!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me


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