Master Bedroom

Saturday was spent repainting our master bedroom.

It took me pretty much all day to prep and actually paint it, but I love how it turned out.

Here is our bedroom before:
We had flat orange walls with glossy stripes.
And here it is after:

The headboard is not finished--I still have to wrap the batting and fabric around it, but I wanted to see what it would look like so I just quickly threw the fabric over the wood frame. I am so excited to finally have a headboard in our master. It will make the bed feel more like a bed instead of just a mattress against the wall. :o)

Now I am able to play around with different colored accents, instead of being tied to just orange. I would like to do grey and black with plum and lilac accents. In time, I would like to get a new comforter for the bed and obviously some new dressers and pillows but I am happy with how the paint turned out. It's way more calming! Although, I will miss the orange.

Once the room is more finished (with some photos and more art work that I am going to make), I will post more photos.

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  1. I like it! So many possibilities :-)

  2. Looks so fresh! Can't wait to see the finished head board, I have always wanted a fabric one.
    Also check out Target for a comforter.....I have had good luck with their 'fake' down ones. My first one is 5 years old and we stick use it as a couch blanket. And then look at IKEA for a duvet cover. They usually have cute inexpensive ones. We still like ours.


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