Playing In The Rain

We had a little storm roll through yesterday evening. After dinner, Hannah wanted to go outside to play with chalk. We told her it was raining outside and opened the front door to show here. She didn't seem to care and still wanted to go outside.

Ok...let's go play in the rain then! :o)
It was something we had never done with Hannah. I figured she would either love it or hate it. The rain was pretty cold and at first she wasn't too sure. But as soon as we told her about jumping in puddle, she got pretty excited.

To say Hannah had a blast would be an understatement! Give this kid a puddle and it will keep her occupied FOREVER! :oP She had so much fun!

Hannah Playing In The Rain from Jennifer Loving on Vimeo.

Sometimes you just have to say good-bye to being clean (and dry) and just go for it. It was nothing a bath couldn't fix! :o)

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  1. So cute! I have a memory of playing in the rain when I was about her age. I swear the water went up to my knees! (although it was probably closer to the size of Hannah's puddle!)


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