3 Kiddos, 2 Mommies, 1 House

Last week my bestie, Sara, and her daughter Mackenzie came for a few days to visit.

Hannah wasn't too sure about another 'baby' intruding on her space but she did okay. She spent a lot of time entertaining herself while we entertained the babies but she did attempt to play with them both at times.

Colson did not get a good greeting from Mackenzie. The poor guy got his hair pulled so he was a little leery of this new playmate. :oP But after some time, I think Colson enjoyed having someone to play with who was his own size!

Here are some photos of the kiddos playing.

I love these next two photos. I think they are hilarious! Ha ha! Gotta love baby jail! I mean, how dare we make dinner in the kitchen and lock the babies out so they don't get burned. We're such mean mommies! :oP

However, I would like to point out one thing about the last two photos...and that would be how equal in size Colson and Mackenzie are.  Mind you, Colson will be 15 months tomorrow and Mackenzie is 10.5 months. Mackenzie is actually taller than Colson! My poor little guy!

***More on this later though! I take Colson in for his 15 month check-up on Thursday and I am going to talk to the doctor about taking the next step to figuring out why he's to small.***

Anyways, the moms were even able to get out of the house to get in some much needed girl time! We had lunch at Olive Garden and got mani/pedis. We were even able to make a trip out to Hobby Lobby and Target without the kiddos.  (Thanks mom!)

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Great pictures! Such cute babies :)

  2. Don't forget tylonal!! :) AND can't forget the sympathy crying by Mackenzie for Colson.
    And yes, Hannah did well....tell her it's practice for the next kid....no better not scare her just yet. :oP
    Can't wait for our next visit!! Maybe Nick can watch Hannah and you can come down with Colson. :)

  3. What a fun time! And despite Colson's size, he is just the cutest little guy!

    Also, my blog has moved! Confessions of a Magnolia Mom is now The View From 510! I hope you'll grab our new button and add the new domain to your feed :) www.theviewfromfiveten.com


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