A Day In The Life

Often times I feel like my life is on repeat. Every day is pretty much just like the day before. I do not have a car, so there are no fun trips to the park or to the store, but we do get some random days where we get out with one of the grandmas for the day so that adds a nice change to our routine.

So what's in a day...our day to be exact? I'll give you the run-down of yesterday.

7:40--I'm still in bed but Nick kisses me goodbye before he heads to work. I hang out in bed waiting for Colson to wake up.

8:00am--Colson wakes up. We change his diaper and head into the kitchen for breakfast. This morning it was Cheerios and a strawberry yogurt with a sippy of milk.
Sometimes the kiddos eat breakfast together but this morning Colson woke up a bit earlier than normal so I let Hannah sleep.

8:30--Time to wake up sissy!
It's hit or miss with Hannah and whether or not she eats breakfast. My kids are complete opposites right now, when it comes to eating. We cannot seem to give Colson enough food to make him grow, but Hannah never wants to eat.

This morning was a no breakfast morning. She only had milk.

9:00--We watch a little bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (kill me!) while we play. The kiddos love it and Hannah actually learns quite a bit from the show. Our mornings almost always consists of Octonauts and Little Einsteins, as well.
9:15--Hannah, bathroom.

10:00--Sissy helps tuck Colson in for his nap.

10:15--I read a few books to Hannah. She has become obsessed with the two Powerpuff Girl books that we got at a garage sale.
10:45--Hannah, bathroom. Sippy cup refill with 1/3 apple juice 2/3 water,

11:00-- Playing continues, with a side of cartoons. She loves to become Doc McHannah and she will take my blood pressure and check my heart with her toy doctor equipment. Sometimes we will bring out her stuffed animals and play doctor with them, as well.

It's a good day if I can get her to sit down and practice writing her letters. She is always so preoccupied with something more important--like a puzzle that NEEDS to be done or a tea party that NEEDS to be played. :o/ We're getting there though and she can almost write her name. Good for a three year old??? I don't know. Hopefully.

11:10--While Hannah is playing I tackle the dishes and I vacuum the kitchen rugs. I also change out the laundry.
12:30--Colson let's us know that he no longer wishes to be taking a nap!

We wake him up and I get lunch ready. This afternoon it's pb&j's and Hannah also eats a red jello (holy crap, she eats!)--while giving me a dirty look!
12:45--More play. Hopefully no one gets hurt or throws a fit (*cough* Hannah!).

1:00--Hannah, bathroom.

2:30--By the end of the afternoon, it looks like a toy store vomited all over my carpet.
2:45--Diaper change for Colson and Hannah helps tuck him in for his second nap.

3:00--Hannah, one last potty run and then she gets tucked into bed for her nap time.

3:05--mommy picks up the living room and changes into her workout clothes. It's time to get her sweat on!

3:40--Core Rhythms workout is complete. If I get in any exercise at all, it's I usually walking on the treadmill. So it had been a while since doing the dvd. I only did the quick workout.

But a glass of water later and I'm feeling good! :oP

3:50--Time to get dinner started!

Ham and swiss cheese sammies courtesy of Pinterest. I've made them before and they were delicious so they were worthy of being put into the dinner rotation!

4:15--dinner prep is done and the sammies are ready to go in the oven.
4:20--Colson starts to rustle around in his room. I go in and get him and bring him into the kitchen for a little snack of Cheerios before daddy gets home.

4:25--I make a blueberry smoothie for Hannah to have during dinner.

4:30--head to the living room with Colson where we play for a bit--just the two of us-- without sissy stealing our toys.

4:45--I pop the sammies in the oven.

5:00--Daddy is home! Colson is beyond excited! I wish I would have gotten video of it!

5:10--I make macaroni and cheese for the kiddos and pull the sammies out of the oven while daddy and Colson get Hannah out of bed.

5:20--dinner time!

5:45--After dinner, we load the kiddos up in the stroller and go for a walk around the subdivision.
6:30--We're back from our walk and playing in the living room.

We read a few books.
And Hannah plays hide and seek with her daddy.

"I wonder where Hannah could be?"

"I'm right here daddy!"

Poor kid fails to understand the concept of hide and seek! :oP

7:45--Time to get the kiddos ready for bed! Had this been a bath night, that would have happened after the walk. But this night was only a brush your teeth and get your pj's on night.

8:00--the three of us tuck in Colson and the head to Hannah's room to tuck her in. Usually this involves her refusing to go to bed and running back into the living room. Ugh! After wrangling her back up we get her in bed.

8:10--Ahhhhh...peace and quite for mommy and daddy!!! :o)

This night we finish watching The Voice and then Smash...usually while we periodically peruse our iPhone/iPad.

Sometimes I will also use this kid-less time to crochet.

11:00--I'm ready for bed! Good night world! Nick stays up. He usually comes to bed anywhere from 12:00 to 12:30.

So there you have it! Our glorious day in a nutshell! :o)

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  1. Our living room looks that after an hour of MackenIe being up too!! I understand the car thing. Thankfully I get it for a few hours in the morning to make a quick Target run. But alas, we don't get park trips either. And Mackenzie seeing Erin after her morning nap....if only I got that same greeting....

    1. Yeah, it was actually a 'good' day in terms of toys all over the place. They kind of stuck with one toy all afternoon. :oP

  2. Happy Tuesday! Visiting from Growing Up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday. :)


  3. Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about how every day kind of feels the same. I hate that feeling of being stuck in a rut and hope we can take a vacation one of these days!

  4. looks just like my living room oh the joys of being a mama =]

    ur kiddos are too cute <3


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