It finally happened!

It was a big weekend for us over here at the Loving home!

We had my SIL's baby shower which turned out beautifully! I'll do a separate blog post about it soon! :o)

We celebrated Easter with my mom's side. Again, I'll do a separate post soon!

Colson figured out how to flush the toilet...which let me tell you, is going to be a HUGE help! :o/

Colson also figured out how to feed himself with a fork! He'll stab the food with the fork and then put it in his 14 months old! Is that normal?

Colson also learned to tickle his toes. I'll tell him to 'tickles his toes' and he'll grab his feet and move his fingers and I swear he says 'tic, tic, tic' for tickle.

And last but certainly not least...
Colson FINALLY took his first steps! And boy did he not disappoint! Not only did he take his first step without holding onto anything, but he took his second, third, forth and fifth steps without holding onto anything! So, he went from only holding onto the couch, to being able to walk across the room in one day. March 31st, one day shy of turning 14 months, Colson walked on his own! Mark it in the baby book, baby! :o)

Here is a little video I took of him today. Poor dogs! They better look out! :oP

There's definitely no stopping the little man now!!!


  1. Love it!!! I cant wait to see Lexis reaction when Mackenzie starts walking....she will probably run away.

    Mackenzie stood in her own for 30 seconds yesterday. I told her to knock it off. :oP I'm not ready for a walker!!! Hope Colson doesn't teach her any tricks when we visit. Yay TWO whole days together!!!!

  2. Yay, Colson!!! That is awesome! He's such a cutie. :)


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