Soccer Ball Fun

Colson loves any type of ball. He can dribble a soccer ball, throw a baseball, he'll put them in cups, he'll throw the dogs their ball. He just loves to carry them around. It doesn't matter the size.
(And I realize that in referring to balls, it could have gotten very dirty! :oP I did my best to keep it from going there!)

Here he is carrying around his soccer ball.

And I just want to point out that yes, that is an Avengers shirt he is wearing and yes, that is a fork he is also carrying around. He is obsessed with carrying around his sister's toy silverware. ???

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  1. Mackenzie loves balls too! :)

  2. Oh and it always sounds wrong when I say 'where are Mackenzie's valls' or 'Mackenzie's loves balls' it just sounds wrong. :)


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