1st Birthday Photos

We took Colson to have his 1st birthday photos taken yesterday.

I was looking forward to getting some super cute photos--of just Colson...without his sister in the photo with him. This was the first time we scheduled a session just for him!

Sadly, I was less than happy with our session. I mean, the girl taking the photos took 4 photos of my kid crying (because I put him down). Why would you waste 4 of my 20 precious photos, on my kid crying. Seriously? Seriously???

And while I'm not into tons of corny props--it was for his birthday. The girl did nothing.

Don't get me wrong, we got some cute photos...it just felt like pulling teeth with the girl to get them. After looking at the first set she took, we finally just asked if she could take a few more to see if she could get some better ones...you know, of my kid NOT crying. :o/

Who knows...I might be done with this 'easy, take them to a store studio' crap because 1. I could have gotten these same photos (no props) at home or 2. we could have just had Amy come over to take some awesome photos of our little man.

I'm just bummed.

Anyways, here are the 'good' ones.

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