Happy 11 Months, Colson!

Colson is 11 months old! Pure craziness!
How is it already time to be planning our little man's birthday?
The countdown is definitely on and the planning for the big 1st birthday bash has begun! :o)

In stat news:

I took Colson in for a weight check last week because of his low percentiles last month. It wasn't great news. Our little guy only gained 3 ounces in one month and grew nothing in length. :o/

I was told to not be concerned and that he looks completely healthy so I am trying to tell myself that everything is okay. He looks healthy and is by no means a skinny child--he eats EVERYTHING...which is why it's weird that he is so low on the percentile for weight. The height thing is a bit more concerning though. When I look at Hannah's 9 month stats; Colson at 11 months is still a half a pound shy and a full inch away from her numbers. It's just weird!

The pediatrician said that some kids just stall; but that if for some reason he still isn't gaining weight at his one year appointment they would run labs to make sure nothings actually wrong.

So yes, never a dull moment. :oP

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  1. He is just the cutest thing ever! Happy 11 months!

  2. He is so handsome! Happy 11 months little guy!


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