Colson thinks he is so sneaky when he manages to crawl into the kitchen. :oP 

What is so great about the kitchen???

Maybe there is something about the sound of his hand hitting the tile that he loves? Or maybe it's just because he's never allowed in there so when mommy leaves the gate open for less than 2 seconds he seizes the moment to explore?

Well, the other day he got brave while he was 'exploring'. He decided to walk from the gate to the sliding door while holding the wall.

It was after this photo that I decided to get a bit closer to him...just in case. 
With a little help from mom, he made it. 

Hummm...mom, what's this!?

 His little feet peaking out from the curtains were just too cute.
As I was taking these photos of Colson, I quickly remembered back to when I took similar photo's of Hannah. Hannah loved playing peak-a-boo with the curtains.

In the photo above, Hannah is only a week or two younger than Colson is right now. Yet it seems just like yesterday that I took that photo. *sigh* Time just goes by way too fast.

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  1. we are in this same exploring phase as well! It's certainly keeping me on my toes! I love that you have a photo of Hannah doing the same thing at almost the exact same age, how cute!!

  2. I hear ya! I am constantly chasing him around! Fun times! :o)


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