It's been a while. :o/

I have really been struggling when it comes to blog posts lately. As much as I'm sure you love seeing photos of my kiddos, I'm also sure you would love to read something of substance. Maybe some favorite recipes, DIY's, recent decorating adventures, my remaining pesky 9 pounds that I want to lose...

I have tons of great ideas in mind but I lack motivation when it comes time to actually writing the posts.

So, today I will just leave you with a bit of an update and hopefully soon I can get write posts on some of my ideas listed above.

1.  Last week we had a beautiful day. It was 50+ degrees and the kiddos played outside for a bit and got some fresh air. A 50 degree day, in January, for Indiana is pretty crazy and tomorrow and Wednesday of this week are supposed to be in the 50's as well. This time of year we're used to having lake effect snow every other day so the warmer weather is a nice change of pace.

2.  Hannah has become quite the diva lately and she is really trying my patience. She is testing her boundaries, that's for sure, and has come to love the word 'no'. If anyone wants a three year old and the price is right, I might consider giving her to you. :o) Okay, it's really not that bad. Every kid goes through this...I just have to remember that this is how they learn what they can and cannot do and we have to set the ground rules early or we will all go crazy!

3.   Colson is all over the place but cannot seem to get up the courage to let go of the furniture and walk on his own. He won't even walk if we are holding one of his hands...it has to be both hands or he will just plop down on his butt. :oP We'll see if he is walking by his birthday--which is 23 days away. *tear*

4.  I'll do a longer post about this eventually, but I wanted to let you all know where I stand on my weight loss journey. I pretty much gave up calorie counting through the holidays. My goal was to just maintain my weight without gaining anything. I am proud to say that I managed to do just that! But now that the holidays are over (and our beach vacation is inching ever closer) I am back on the calorie counting train. I am finding it a bit harder this time to get into the swing of things...maybe it's because we still have Christmas candy and cookies in the house, but I am logging what I eat again and we're going to the grocery store tonight so I will pick up some healthier food options.

5. We are starting the process of finishing the rest of our basement. This time last year we were finishing up our office spaces...but now we have to finish the bathroom, game room and living room spaces. I was pretty bad when it came to taking photos of the office building process--mostly because I was 8 and 9 months pregnant--but I promise to do a better job of tracking the remaining progress. :o)

Okay, I know this post was pretty lame. Sorry. Better posts are to come. I promise!

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  1. Hopefully us 'reporting'' will help you get back to counting. Although I didn't want to put dinner in since I knew it would be bad but I did it! Salads for me tomorrow!! :)


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