I fell in love with these crocheted leg warmers from Knotty Tots. They were just too cute to pass up so I purchased the listing for the crochet pattern.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I have already made Hannah a cream pair and a purple pair. They were super easy to make and it only took me a total of three hours to make one pair.  Plus, it is such a great way to use up yarn because two leg warmers didn't even take a whole thing of yarn.

I'll try to get a photo of Hannah wearing them because not only are they super cute, but she loves to wear them. :o)

I found this recipe for Bourbon Chicken and I am making it sometime this week. It seems pretty easy to make!

The countdown is on for our vacation and I am pretty super excited about doing this:

It's already booked! :o) I have always ALWAYS wanted to go horseback riding on the beach and now I get too!

I'm not sure why I love this idea so much, I just do.

I had found the perfect frame while doing my Christmas shopping but, of course, I didn't buy it for myself. I might have to go back and see if the frame is still there because I think I need to do this. :o)

And, because this is how I feel about my blog these days:

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  1. I like the blog quote! I feel that way these days! So Saturday I took Mackenzie's nap time to 'pre' write a few blog entries just to get posts up every day. My goal is 5 posts a week! Good luck! And horse back riding on the beach = YAY!!
    And next up I'm making Mackenzie a pink pair of leg Warner's. :o)
    Ok, enough. :o)


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