Master Bathroom

I have been in a mood lately...a mood to get things done.

Yesterday, I randomly decided to repaint our master bathroom.

Between taking things down and getting everything ready to paint, to actually painting, and then putting everything back up; it took the better part of the day.

But now its done and I'm glad I just got motivated and did it! The husband wasn't too happy that I decided to do it...on a Sunday...during football, but ah well!

I love the grey much more than the awful peach color that for some reason I thought was a good color choice when we originally painted the bathroom 3 years ago. :o/

before                                          after

I would like to get a new shower curtain. Something less graphic and more romantic but we'll get to that eventually. :o)

For now I am happy that I have gotten rid of the peach!

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  1. looks great! love that gray color.

  2. ohhh...i like it! looks good!

    also, i tagged you in my blog post, if you want to play along :)


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