Toddle Along Tuesday—Must Haves

When it comes to a must have item for the kiddos, I had one thing come to mind.

It's nothing crazy and I'm sure almost every household with kiddos has these all over the place.

My must have item right now are these:

Hannah, I swear, needs to have a constant flow of some sort of drink coming from her cups. This girl is always thirsty. Always! As soon as she finishes whatever is in her cup she is asking for more. Sometimes I think she lives on liquids because she sure as heck doesn't eat like she drinks. :o/ (Oh and the constant love for drinks makes diaper-free naps and bed time a breeze, let me tell you! Yeah, not so much.)

Colson is now drinking from these, as well, so we are in crazy sippy cup land.

Sometimes, I feel like I am drowning in these sippy cups because they are everywhere. Yet, at the same time we never seem to have enough. ???

How is that?

Maybe I need to wash them a bit more often?

Nah! I'll just buy more! :o)

Mommy's must have item?


I hardly ever get it. Sometimes I want to go crazy. Sometimes I tell my husband I am going grocery shopping just so I can have a moment to myself.

Other times I prefer this:
Because let's face it:

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