19 Months!

Hannah is 19 months old today. She is officially closer to 2 years old than she is to 1. To me that is just crazy!
I know I always say this, but time really does need to slow down. It seams just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and that was 2 years ago. Then is seems like we just had Hannah's 1st birthday party but that was 7 months ago.
It is just crazy how fast time goes especially when it is the time you want to go by the slowest. I wish I could capture Hannah at this age and keep it in a bottle forever because it is so fun. I love watching her learn new things, try new things, say new things... everyday I look at her in amazement because she is growing up so fast.


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  1. Happy 19 months old to our little Hannah! Grandma and Papa Love you so much!


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